Ways to Choosing the Best Lightning Detector

Nowadays, with the help of advanced technology, it is possible to alleviate the hazards caused by lightning. You can invest in a lightning detector as this can serve as a warning system and could notify you to turn off all hazardous operations prior lightning strikes your place. In addition, this device can provide you a very clear alert when the danger has passed.

Here are some ways on how to pick and buy the right device for you:

  • Universally, there are 3 kinds of such device which include the ground-based system that utilizes several antennas to potentially detect lightning strikes. This requires radio-direction finding process so to gauge the direction as well as severity of the lightning from a specific area.

The other one is the space-based system which is referred to as fixed on artificial satellites. This is the type that could detect intensities, locate distance as well as bearing through direct observation. However, this is not intended for real-time application such as air navigation.

The last one is the mobile lightning system that utilizes a sense antenna and direction. This could detect lightning through the aid of a radio-direction-finding process to gauge the direction and the severity of the lightning from a specific region just like what ground-based system does. The only difference is that it utilizes attenuation and frequency to compute the distance. It is commonly used in aircraft.

  • When it comes to portability, there are 2 options; the first one is the personal lightning detector that is typically operated by batteries. This is recommended for golfers, law enforcement, campers and others who work outdoors and recreate.

The other one is the professional-quality which comes with a much better performance. They can ensure early warning, reduce false signal, improved Intracloud lightning detection, tornado prediction, storm tracking and enhanced sensitivity.

  • What is more, it is essential to mull over the technology which your device may have such as the inferometers, radio frequency detectors, hybrid designs, electric field mills and optical monitor.
  • An outstanding lightning detecting device comes with a range of over twenty miles. Take in mind that with greater range, you will know the period when the storm is heading towards your region if the distance decreases or increases over time. So, you can remain calm if it is retracting.
  • Pick the one that comes with an exceptional alert system that could notify you when a serious danger is heading towards your region. The one with an audible alarm is a perfect choice and something that you can depend on.
  • When thinking about durability and design, pick the one that comes with ergonomic design and those that contain features which are easy to use.
  • Look for the one that meets your budget and comes with warranty. This way, you can always seek help when the product has defects.


Lightning detectors can help save your life and properties during unfortunate situations. A smart choice and careful research can considerably help you from spending lavishly on a faulty product. Explore the guides mentioned above prior you buy one so you can purchase more confidently and wisely.