Ultimate 2017 Weather Camera Buying Guide

In today’s very modern world, owning a weather camera that is quite useful in capturing live changes in the weather is deemed as a crucial device to invest in. Nowadays, a great number of weather enthusiasts as well as meteorologists use such device to explore more about various weather conditions. If you wish to purchase one, it is best to adhere to some helpful buying guides for you to come up with a well-conceptualized decision.

What are the features that you need to look for when buying one?

It is imperative to note that cameras used to capture weather conditions are not very distinct as compared to standard cameras. As a matter of fact, many people make use of normal cameras as weather cam. Such cameras are especially designed to capture weather conditions and there are no other kinds of equipment that could bring in the exact accuracy.

Here are some guidelines that you can think through when purchasing this type of device:

There are 2 types of cameras used to capture weather and these are the standard ones which are identical with normal cameras, they can be used to record live weather and from there you can transmit the data to your computer device so you can take a glance, share and sort out. The other one is the IP or network camera which are similar with webcams; they could be streamed live and do not require linking it with other sorts of devices. Indeed, you can easily post images online without having to link the camera to your network router.

  •  When installing the camera outdoor, you need to spend more money because these are costly as they need waterproof features and special weather resistant features as well.  Aside from this, it is necessary to purchase special enclosure for this weather capturing device.
  •  Wireless or wired cameras: The wireless cameras are the ones that do not have cables while the wireless ones are a lot effortless to set up. But, it is still necessary to run AC power to the device which reduces flexibility.
  •  You can consider buying the one that comes with a solar panel if you will regularly use it for distant locations. Most common weather cams run on AC power.
  •  Opt for weather cams that are designed with broad exposure range as this shall provide outstanding contrast during low and high light levels.
  •  When it comes to resolution, keep in mind that the more the pixels are, the more excellent the resolution is and more details can be easily captured.
  •  The image you have captured will be more colorful if the saturation value of the device is higher.
  •  An auto iris lens is recommendable particularly if you will be using the device in inconsistent lighting condition.
  •  Other essential features that you need to look on comprise of the weather cam’s motion detection, built-in video recording and night vision.


If you are a beginner, purchasing the right camera could be a very difficult task. For this reason, the guides mentioned above shall be of great help for you when searching for the right weather camera for your needs.