The All in One Weather Station with Fresh Air and Noise Rate Measurement Features  –  Netatmo Weather Station


Technology is becoming advance day by day with more devices and means to serve our every use. It is very common practice to plan our day to day activities based on the weather conditions of your area and the device which is best for is a personal weather station with enough specifications to serve that purpose. A lot of us actually spend some good quality time indoor which makes the Netatmo Weather Station the preferred weather station for your home use since this weather station is made specifically for personal and home usage.

Basic Characteristics

This weather station comes with a sensor for CO2 gas which measures the level of pollution indoor. Basically the sensor is made to alert when the fresh air level is becoming too low for health conditions.

This device also has a noise detector module which notifies you when the noise rate of house has exceed the recommended level for normal room sound intensity level for one’s hearing. This device also have outdoor feature which you can use to get weather forecast from your doorstep which makes it possible for you to be able to plan your day or schedule your travel and outdoor activities.

An explicit characteristics of this device is that you can connect the device to your smartphone which is a rear feature for many weather station. This is usually done with app which is installed in your smartphone having which gives you a graphical representation of all data collected and recorded

What to Look At For Before Purchasing a Weather Station like This

The accuracy of this device is -+3%, it is not designed for professional use so can only be used for domestic puroses. For an average person, it is quite expensive to purchase all the complete accessories such as wind sensor, rain and other sensor gadgets and other features which you would find as advantageous or as some disadvantage thus you to know about your needs so that you can select the right product that you needs more.


This weather station is made very easy to use and install. It small in size and does not require much space compare to other personal station. It is classy and well decorated. It is user-friendly based on the inbuilt interface, with two modules which makes it suitable for office and home use. It can be manually activated and deactivated whenever the user chooses. Since the device is linked to your device, you can get your data with easy just with a few taps on your device.

It does not actually require any form of elevation for the outdoor module which means you can place any were suitable for you also same goes for the indoor as all you need do is find a suitable and safe place to mount it.

For durability this weather station is number one as it is very strong based on the design and its batteries are standard AAA cells, easy to buy plus you can choose to use batteries or plug directly to AC power supply


This device has some short comings in visibility of data especially with the outdoor module which often happens due to low battery or obstruction between the indoor and outdoor modules.

This device does not come with a protective shield as such the readings might be inaccurate when faced with direct sunlight as this alters the efficiency of the device.

The device is expensive compared to other weather station which has similar features or more as for one to enjoy or complete features then one would have to purchase all the accessories which would cost much.


The Netatmo Weather Station is ideal for home and office use especially for the fact that it can give you accurate measurement of  CO2 gas and fresh air level which is very essential for healthy breathing.