The AcuRite 00589 Pro Color

Best for Home Based Weather Forecasting


You can easily plan your day when you have a weather forecast for your location, you would actually know when and when to do certain things that are weather determinant. How can you do this, you can do accomplish this with a 3 in 1 weather station called and known as AcuRite 00589 Pro Color. This device is made with color display which is easy to read and rugged sensory unit. It has an exclusively calibrating technology which it uses for forecasting which makes it an excellent weather forecaster for your location.


Generally this weather forecasting device is made with 3 sensors which make it ideal for home use, and based on the system configuration it is recommended for professional and meteorologist applications. This instrument in tagged personal weather station for you plan your day’s activities especially activities that has to do with the weather.

Transmission Range and Mode of Connection

The weather station is able to transmit data to the display wirelessly as it is its make thereby no cable or wire connection required for data to be transmitted from the sensor to the display. Based on the fact that this weather station is made wirelessly is therefore does not require any form of professional mounting as it always comes with a ready to mount kit which happens to be very easy to use. All you need do for it to work is to connect the sensory unit to a power source, with this it is able to transmit data wirelessly to the color display screen for you to view that data, these data’s are often been recorded not just displayed. At the maximum the weather station is made such that it is able to transmit over 330ft. This distance is sometimes not up to that range based on the level of obstruction from the location of the sensory unit’s sensors to the point of display. For efficiency it is recommend to minimize the distance between the sensor and the detector and the display to about 110ft of there about, with is you are assured of accurate readings.

Source of Power

This weather station’s sensory unit is powered by 4AA alkaline(or lithium) batteries, with the colored display screen running on 5.0 V AC adapter, with a backup power source of 6AA alkaline batteries cell which is actually optional. Note, lithium batteries are recommended for temperature less than -20 0C.

Measurement data

The device comes with 3-in-1 one measuring instrument which has the hygrometer used to measure relative humidity, a thermometer for temperature measurement and the anemometer for is for wind speed measurement. It has 12 to 24 hrs accurate weather forecast for a particular location. This makes is able to give accurate readings up to 75%. Its frequency is updated within 18 seconds to 1 minute to be able to measure the different weather conditions as related to the wind, temperature and relative humidity regularly. It is able to store data daily data collected. It is able suitable for indoor and outdoor temperature, ranging from 00C to 500C and -400C to 700C.

Product Cost and Warranty

For one to purchase a weather station having this 3-in-1 feature would actually cost a lot but this weather station has been made affordable for anyone to purchase, plus it has a warranty of 1 year and in a situation where you are not satisfied with the working conditions of the product you can also return it within a period of 90 days from the day of purchase. With this warranty and option to return if not satisfied plus the affordable price, this weather station is actually one that saves you all your worries.


Number one advantage of this weather station is the cost, as it is affordable for anyone to purchase it if they so desire to make use of these innovative technology. It has an interface which is very easy to use and install. It also comes with weather proof which makes is durable and reliable compared to some weather forecasting devices


This weather station does not come with sensors for rainfall and wind direction detection, which makes it a little bit lacking to get those updates. Based on the wireless transmission the signal be lost at any time, especially as a result of distance or obstructions.


When looking for an affordable set of weather forecasting device with ultimate 3-in-1 features then the AcuRite 00589 Pro Color is best for you for accurate and precise readings.