Kestrel 4500 Portable Weather


Portable weather stations come in various sizes and incorporating various features. Kestrel 4500 Portable weather station on these weather stations. This is a light and handy device that makes its portability easy. There are two designs of this weather station one which is standard and the other which has a Bluetooth feature. The Bluetooth feature allows for wireless communication and transmission of data and also enables one to log data automatically. This one of the most advanced weather stations you will find in the Kestrel list.


This a versatile portable weather station that can provide assistance in wide ranges of aspects. This station will provide you with weather information as well as enable you to communicate up to given range. It is a handy instrument for campers, nature-watchers, and trekkers among other individuals who might need vital weather information. It can also be employed in high-precision fields such as the military, scientific expeditions, research and law enforcement.

Connection and transmission distance

What is amazing with Kestrel 4500 Weather is that it is a portable wireless unit. It comes as one piece gadget that consists of the various sensors that have been integrated into it. It also has a display that is backlit, easy to read and has NV feature. It requires no cable connection apart from the optional USB cable that allows for a connection with a computer. Since the device comes as asingle piece with the display and the sensor fixed together, there will no need for transmission and hence there will be no transmission range limit. However, for the design with Bluetooth connection feature, the transmission radius will be limited to 30ft.

Power source

Kestrel 4500 Weather consumes little amount of power and it has been designed to run on 2 AAA batteries. The manufacturer recommends Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries. The reason behind this is that they enhance the weather meter’s capacity, cold weather performance, and reliability. In addition, these batteries are known to be lightweight compared to others that ca make the device heavier.  When alkaline batteries are used, then the device cannot be stored together with the batteries. It will be important to check for corrosion or leakage after within intervals of 30 days. This means that one has to be extra careful while using this kind of batteries.

Data offered, accuracy and range

Kestrel 4500 Weather is a handheldportable device that has basic weather measuring instrument. The sensors on this device include athermometer, hygrometer, and wind sensor. When these sensors make ameasurement, that information can then be viewed on the display. The thermometer measures temperature of theair, water, and snow within therange of -10oC to 55oC.The device displays the temperature recorded in both 0C and OF. The wind sensor measure cross wind, head wind and tail wind and the speed of the wind. This device will also provide weather data about relative humidity within a range of 0 to 100%, atmospheric pressure and direction and speed of the wind within a range of 2.2km/h to 216km/h. In addition, it will also show date, time, magnetic and true heading.

The data on the display is refreshed at intervals of 1 seconds excluding the humidity reading which requires at least 1 minute.

Cost and warranty

Due to the ideal features and design of the Kestrel 4500 Weather then it is more expensive compared others. When one buys this device, you will be given a warrant that will be valid for a period of 5 years. This, therefore, relieves the buyer worries of mishaps with the device for a substantial period of time. However one should know that this is a limited warranty.


The device being fairly small makes it easy for moving with it around. It can be pocketed and it does not require any setup since it comes as a single unit. In addition, its interface is easy to use.


This kind of weather station does not provide weather forecast and it can be expensive for an average budget individual. Use of alkaline batteries can damage the device if they leak and such damage is not covered by the warranty.


Kestrel 4500 Weather will the ideal choice of the high-end portable weather station for those with ahigh budget.