Ambient Weather WS-1001 Review

Ambient Weather WS-1001 is a wireless dual technology weather station which reliable, and it is very easy to install. It has a colorful LCD console all compressed in a single sensor array. The unit can transmit both indoor and outdoor data. It does not require the internet connection as the data can be transmitted using the connectivity of WIFI. It offers precisely accurate information, and its price is affordable. This weather station is an ideal solution for people who are enthusiastic about the weather.
Features of Ambient Weather WS-1001
It has an observer and a single sensor array, all indoor and outdoor, with features which allow it to give accurate and reliable data report.

 Sensor arrays

  • It uses WIFI connectivity ti transmit 915MHz.
  •  It is wireless with a single integrated sensor array which measures outdoor variables like humidity, wind direction, temperature, rainfall and UV radiation, with the sensor for temperature ranging from -40° F to 149°F and humidity for outdoor ranging from 10% to 99%.
  •  The instruments, hygrometer, barometer and thermometer that measures humidity, pressure, and temperature, are contained in the indoor array.
  • For more accuracy, there is a radiation shield that houses sensors for humidity and temperature.
  •  It has an input power for the indoor unit, 5V DC, that also has a 6.5 ft charger cable which is compatible with a power supply of 120V. The consumption of this unit is a power of 7.5 watts.
  • The outdoor array has a solar panel that uses rechargeable 3AAalkaline batteries.


  •  This weather station console has a display of 6.25” by 3.5”, with a TFT LCD that is colored. The desktop has a very thin design that allows an easy mounting on the wall with an adaptor
  • There is an automatic display in brightness which changes the different time of the day.
  • Can display both metric and imperial unit of measures.
  •  It eliminates the need for extra costs as it uses WIFI to send and receive data and easy synchronization from other websites and NIST time.
  •  The date and time are displayed which enables figures and data to be exported to an external drive or SD card, and then the data can be viewed and worked on in excel. Analysis and time graphs can be done easily.
  • Moon phases, sunrise, and sunset can be seen on the display of this console.
  •  There is an update to the weather variables every 14 seconds and an update of the speed of the wind after every 16 seconds during the period of real time. Other variables such as rainfall rate and dew point can also be assembled and viewed.
  • Some alarms have been set for alerts and the information for many months are available which makes the comparison to be easy.

The Ambient Weather WS-1001 weather station allows synchronization with Wunderground website, which is very famous for hosting services on personal weather stations. When synchronized, the weather stations will have access to information such as historical weather archives, free stickers to websites, Google weather mapping and many more others. It is easy to mount this weather station as a result of its installation design which is bubble. The extra cost for a pole will be eliminated as the unit comes with a celestial pole which is included in the expense of the unit.


  • The Ambient Weather WS-1001 station comes with a number of disadvantages. They include;
  •  Lack of penetration of the wireless connection through earth or metal.
  • WIFI connection is usually interrupted by poor weather conditions.
  • It cannot be used in areas that are salty. The salty water will reduce its durability.
  • A person who wants to have information on indoor temperature and pressure have to incur extra cost to acquire an Ipad to run the wunderstion application and enjoy the services it offers.
  • This station cannot be used in Arctic Circle as the low temperature will make nonoperational. This is due to it not being freezeproof.

The Ambient Weather WS-1001 weather station will be a likely pick for those people who are enthusiastic about modern weather trends such as social weather publishing. Its affordable price and features like reliability and accuracy make it a good weather station.